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The free QR-Code-Generator to create QR Codes with Logo, Color and vector formats (SVG, PDF, EPS).

All generated qr codes are free for commercial usage. If you like our service we would be very thankful about recommendations and links to us. Thanks!

  • is a feature-rich QR-Code Generator
  • is free for commercial usage - do whatever you want with the generated QR-Codes
  • offers unlimited scans for every QR-Code
  • generates high resolution quality QR-Codes for print in PNG file format (up to 3000px width)
  • generates SVG, PDF or EPS vector graphics (currently without logo and effects)
  • changes the color of an QR-Code
  • includes logos from a predefined gallery in your QR-Code
  • includes logo from an image URL
  • includes own logo-images via file upload
  • generates QR-Codes for URLs, Text, SMS, Phone, vCard (Business Cards), MeCard, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps Locations and more
  • prints generated QR-Codes directly on all kind of products (using zazzle.com)
  • does not save your entered data - generated QR-Code images will be deleted after one day

QR-Code Examples:

QR-Code for linkedin QR-Code for Vimeo QR-Code for Urls QR-Code for Emails QR-Code for phone numbers QR-Code in pink color QR-Code in green color